As a proud sponsor of Cell Phones for Soldiers for 5 Years now, all of our staff and Realtors and done such a commendable job collecting donations for our drive.  Today, we shipped 1,054 cell phones and boxes and boxes of recyclable accessories to Cell Phones for Soldiers.  Those 1,054 cell phones equate to 63,240 minutes of talk time to our troops.  Altogether, the grand total of our efforts have reached 15,465 cell phones collected and donated totaling 927,900 minutes of talk time.  We’ve almost hit the million mark in minutes donated!  From Kuwait and Afghanistan and Iraq, that 927,900 minutes of talk time equals $6,495,300!  You are reading that correctly – Six Million, Four Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Three Hundred Dollars!

It’s amazing to think that each and every one of the phones we have collected can make such a difference.  Cell Phones for Soldiers and the Helping Heroes Home program just wanted to send along a note of thanks to all of you at Classic for you efforts and to let you know what you do is so appreciated by our troops and their families.  Thanks to all of you that have participated in helping the cause.  You’re definitely a classic!

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Cell Phones for Soldiers wants to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate your support and dedication to the charity’s mission. Cell Phones for Soldiers could not assist the number of active duty military members and veterans without your help.

Thanks to you and your company’s support, the charity has provided more than 168 million minutes of free talk time to our servicemen and women since 2004.  And in just six months, Helping Heroes Home has assisted more than 150 veterans and their families with emergency needs. Since the beginning of November, Helping Heroes Home prevented eight veterans and their families from being evicted from their homes.

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